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eLearning Design

eLearning resources, using Moodle open source courses and their many interactive tools

Mobile Learning

Let students and anyone else who wants to study make use of their mobile devices to study wherever they are.

Where is the key?

The key is great research. Unlock the internet's resources to find what you need to help you solve your problem.

Quick Service

We will try to help you meet your challenge at rocket speed! Lift off.... the sky is no longer the limit.

Why choose us?

We think you will be very happy with the results and your pockets will still have some change in them.

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Our portfolio

These are some of our images, they can help you to an inspired solution.

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New Touring
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Coffee Shop
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Tea Time
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Mobile First

Our partners

We like to think we can help, our partners have other skills you may find useful.

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What do we do?

This charity needed twenty years of web research, they were surprised at how much I found!

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I've made dozens of courses for language learners.

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You want to use some mLearning, I've got lots of ideas.

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Contact me

Contact me if you would like some web work or some web research. If you are thinking of using the web for a project, I might be able to help.
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